Why and how to purchase cruelty-free products

Unfortunately, many products are inhumanely tested on animals. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice are used for testing with cosmetics and household products. These tests are extremely painful for the animals. According to scientificamerican.com “In the eye version of the test, rabbits are placed in restraining stocks and their eyelids are held open with clips—in some cases for days at a time—to keep them from blinking away the test solutions. As for the skin version of the test, animals’ fur is shaved and then several layers of skin are removed with sticky tape before technicians apply test substances and cover over the abraded area with plastic sheeting. NAVS reports that either version of the test can cause ‘intense burning, itching and pain” and can leave subjects “ulcerated and bleeding.'” 


How can you avoid purchasing animal tested products?

My favorite resource to ensure I only purchase cruelty free products is the Leaping Bunny app. I have the free app on my phone. Without the app you can simply look for the Leaping Bunny Certification logo on the product. If you are new to purchasing cruelty-free it may feel overwhelming to purchase all new products. I recommend simply using what you have and once you run out you can find a cruelty free replacement for them. For example, once you run out of mascara you can replace it with a cruelty free version like Alima Pure mascara. Then once you run out of dish soap you can replace it with Leaping Bunny certified Seventh Generation dish soap. And so on. This will make it easy and ensure that you don’t waste products you have already purchased.  

 The Leaping Bunny website and app also disclose if the parent company conducts animal testing. For example, Urban Decay does not test on animals, however they are owned by Loreal who does test on animals. In this blog any products I recommend will be cruelty-free and owned by a cruelty-free parent company. Refusing to support companies that test on animals will give them an incentive to stop these inhumane tests. Some companies may state “We do not test on animals unless mandated by law”…this is their attempt at deceiving you. What this statement means is that they sell to China, where animal testing is mandated, therefore they DO conduct these inhumane tests. Fortunately, there are many honest companies that refuse to sell to China because they care about ethics and not just about profit. These principled companies will be found on the Leaping Bunny app I mentioned. If you would like to put an end to animal testing purchasing cruelty free is the perfect way to “vote with your dollar”. Another way to help is by urging lawmakers to support the Humane Cosmetics Act, which would ban the use of animals is cosmetic testing in the US and also ban the import of animal tested cosmetics. You can also donate to the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine.  

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